What is a Styled Shoot?


A styled shoot is pretty much anything outside of a traditional shoot (done at our studio) and requires specific styling or a ‘look’, and sometimes a particular location.
Also, styled shoots do not have to be boudoir and can be portrait-based.
Some examples might include:

– shooting at an exterior location (beach, field, woods etc.) or a separate interior location (your home, a venue, a garage, etc)
– the inclusion of props, large or small (vehicles, animals, sports gear etc.)
– special costumes or makeup (cosplay, body paint, wigs, etc.)
– a specific style or incorporating a special look (pin-up, gothic, ethereal etc.)
– excessive Photoshop work (example: you want the background to be Times Square and therefore need to be “photoshopped” into that environment)

All shoots are priced on a case by case basis with commissions starting at $1200.

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