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About the Sessions

I am worried about my belly ‘pooch’ you edit it out?
Actually, most of the posing that I put clients in takes care of the ‘pooch’. If you are super concerned about it, the ’21 Wardrobe Ideas Guide’ included with your booking has suggestions on wardrobe to also help you reduce the appearance even more. Most people are amazed how their pooch is not as big an issue as they think it would be.

Do I have to be nude?
You do not have to get naked during your shoot. It is my priority to make you feel as comfortable as possible and we will only have you bare as much or as little as you are comfortable with. This shoot is for YOU, therefore you decide.

I’m worried about the posing, I don’t know what I’m doing.
I will help guide you through every pose. I even do them myself first to show you. You DO NOT have to know how to pose whatsoever. It is my job to direct and guide you through the whole thing.

I am worried about my stretchmarks, acne, etc.
Because of my studio lighting, most of these issues are not going to be as visible as you see in your bathroom mirror. However, you are totally welcome to discuss or point out the issues and we can discuss them prior to your session. In most cases, if there is something you want gone, it can be edited out later.

I have a playlist on my phone I’d like to listen to. Is that doable?
While the studio has a built-in system for every room, it does not work off of phones. You can however let us know your favorite artist or genre and we’ll happily plug that in for you.

What is the difference between the Rain Room and the Wet Spray/Shower Look?
The Rain Room is an all-immersive wet experience—your hair is going to get wet as the water comes out of the ceiling (similar to a shower). The Rain Room already includes doing detailed wet body shots. Also important to note, the Rain Room is seasonal and only open from April-Oct. The water is warm however if you do choose early or late in the season, be aware the whole experience can be on the cooler side.
The Wet Spray/Shower look involves a plexiglass that you stand behind for the look of a shower. You do not have to be wet for this portion. The wet spray is usually saved for last, as you will be sprayed and we do the close-up body shots as part of this set. You do not have to get your hair wet for either the shower or the wet spray (unless you want to).
Also, the Rain Room does include a plexiglass shower and clawfoot tub. You can basically do the entire Wet Spray/Shower look all inside the Rain Room.

How long do the sessions take?
It really depends on the Collection you signed up for at booking. If you’re choosing the Queen, plan on being at the studio for 4-5 hours total. If we’re doing a Blush, plan on closer to an hour. If you are adding hair + mu to the Blush or Diva, include an additional 45 min-hour to your time. A Rain Room only session will mostly likely take an hour.

Wardrobe Questions

What should I wear for a Session?
All Collections (except the Blush) include studio closet access to boudoir-friendly outfits from XS-3X. Please be aware, most of the closet does not include bra and panty sets, but rather body-suits and one-piece teddies. The closet also have various shoes (mostly in black and nude size 7-10). Upon booking, you’ll also receive a ’21 Wardrobe Ideas Guide’ to help you select items you may already own or would like to go out and purchase. Between the Session Prep Guide and the Wardrobe Ideas Guide, you should have tons of info regarding wardrobe.

I have seen some of your photos with women wearing wings. Are those included?
They are for any Collection that includes studio closet access. The studio wings are dove grey and go with pretty much any outfit or just nude.

I am interested in shooting in one of your tulle skirts. Are those included with the closet as well?
Yes. There is a black, red, pink and periwinkle blue to choose from. Also most have elastic bands and fit most bodies.

Can I be nude for one of my outfits or for the whole session?
Yes. If you are not comfortable being fully nude, utilizing a sheet and/or wearing a thong is an option. This is one of the most popular ‘outfits’.

How many outfits should I bring?
You should bring at least one outfit for each room that comes with your Collection. If your Collection includes studio closet access, you are more than welcome to wear one of those outfits instead.

Can I just bring a bunch of outfits and have you pick?
Yes, but please make sure your outfits are ones that you have already tried on.

 About the Studio

Where are you located?
The studio is on the second floor of a Victorian home between Alma and Mount Pleasant. Studio is accessible via HWY-46 and approx 10 min from Saginaw, 15 min from Mount Pleasant, 40 minutes from Lansing and 90 minutes from Grand Rapids.
The space is 2,000 square feet and requires walking up stairs (as well the Rain Room which is in the basement level.) The address is given to you at booking.

Do I have to choose the rooms prior to my session?
No, but upon booking you will be required to choose the Collection which includes the amount of rooms we’ll be shooting in. Please be aware the Rain Room is seasonal and only open from April to October.

 Hair and Makeup

I’ve never had my hair + makeup done before, what is it like? Professional hair/make-up services are included in all Collections (except the Blush and Diva, which can be added). The artists are amazing and great at listening to what you are envisioning. They can create a full glam look for you, or if you prefer natural that is doable as well. Please let the artist know about any allergies you may have. Also, if you’ve never had your makeup professionally done, it’s important to note that some people may feel it’s ‘heavier’ than their everyday application. That is totally normal and it won’t photograph heavy.

If the Collection I choose includes hair + makeup but I don’t want that service, can I have it taken out?
Yes. Please let us know this upon booking and you will receive a credit towards your Collection instead.

If I am purchasing the Blush or Diva, can I decide to add hair + makeup closer to my session?
Unfortunately, no. The artists are very busy (some run salons) and they need to be scheduled at the same time as your session booking.

Can I bring my own hair + makeup artist?
Unless we are doing a special shoot (artistically styled etc.) you will need to work with your hair and makeup person at their location and come to your shoot already styled.

Can I have just hair and or just makeup done (instead of both)?
You can, however be aware that if your Collection doesn’t include a h/m artist and you are wanting to add it, the pricing is the same whether you utilize both services or just one.

I have clip-in extensions and/or a halo. Can the stylist insert these for my shoot?
In most instances yes. It’s advised you do not bring a brand new, unopened box for the stylist, but rather visit your stylist first and make sure the hair is cut/colored to your hair. Also, halo’s are not recommended unless VERY secured. They often fall out during the session.

Should I have hair and makeup added to a Rain Room Session?
Honestly, this is the one session you could easily go without. Your hair is going to be totally wet anyways, and makeup (especially with fake lashes) can sometimes sting. A recommendation would be to use a waterproof mascara and your favorite lipstick and call it good.

Questions About Images

How long does it take to see images after the session?
Before you leave your photo session, I’ll set up an date/time for your Reveal Appointment. The appointment can be done either in-person or via Zoom. Most often, images are ready for the Reveal 1-2 weeks after your session. During the Reveal, you’ll select the images that come with your Collection.

If I want to add more images to my Collection, or add an Album later, can I do that?
Yes. If you want to add more images or add/upgrade an album, you can choose to do so at your Reveal appointment. Any extra payments are due at that time.

Will photos from my session be shared online?
The privacy of our clients is extremely important to us. We will never post photos of you without your permission.

What exactly is a ‘Collection’?
A Collection is the level you choose for both your shoot and the number of digitals (images) you receive with the session. The bigger Collections will include extras such as hair/mu and/or an album.

Can I print out the digitals or make my own album? What about sharing online?
Yes. The digitals come with usage rights and covers all of those purposes.

I have an OF, can I use the digitals for that?

About Booking 

How do I book or get more info?
To start the booking process, simply fill out the form on the contact page. You’ll be sent an email with details on pricing and booking information.

I have an important date I want images by. How far in advance should I book?
It’s recommended you book at least 6-8 weeks prior to your event, especially if your Collection includes an album or you plan on adding one.

How much does a Session cost?
Pricing goes by the level of Collection you choose. All of the Collections include the session itself and a set of images (digitals). Extras can include everything from a professional hair/makeup artist to albums, to metal wall art. Contact us to request the latest list of Collections.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Since all of our Collections require pre-payment before your session, you can elect to have monthly reminders to make payments toward your Collection.

Do you offer financing?
There is a program the studio works with through PayPal (about 20% of clients use it) to those who prequalify. Just ask about it prior to booking your session and we can send you the info regarding the application.

Studio Policies

If I can’t make my shoot date, can I reschedule?
Your booking includes a one time complimentary reschedule. If you are a no call / no show to your scheduled session, you will be required to repay a $250 fee to reschedule. Please be aware that the complimentary reschedule doesn’t necessarily include hair + mu services and you may be subject to a fee to have them rescheduled. Please review your studio contract regarding your funds already paid towards a Collection.

Can my friend come with me to the Session?
Unfortunately, due to liability issues we do not allow third parties to sit in or watch the session. It is also very distracting to both clients and the photographer so it’s not permitted at all. Also, we have a strict no children policy—leave the kiddos at home.

Can I bring alcohol or vape during the session?
You can, however please be aware that both substances can affect posing and/or your face if not done in moderation. It’s common for people to feel anxiety about their session, but it’s important to be sensible and not over do it. The nerves usually go away after about 15 minutes of shooting. We also offer a complimentary glass of champagne or wine while you are either in the styling chair or prior to your first room set.