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✔ Private Shoot w/Trish Hadley
✔ One Set + Up to 2 Outfits
✔ Full Posing Instruction
✔ 20 Professionally Edited Proofs to View at Reveal
✔ 8 high-res digitals


Mount Pleasant Michigan Boudoir Photographer
Mount Pleasant Michigan Boudoir Photography
Mount Pleasant MI Boudoir
Mount Pleasant MI Boudoir


This room is great for everything boudoir and colors that look good in here are jewel tones, white or black. Also a great room to shoot nude (the light in here is very forgiving.)


This room is for someone who prefers the ‘light and airy’ look. This area is a great choice for bridal and maternity.


Room is all black and great for a very ‘dark and moody’ look. Chair can be swapped out for a bed. 


This room is great for someone who has a fancier boudoir outfit (lacey, beaded, velvet). Colors are a muted peacock blue with gold and burgundy accents. 

FAQ: Do I need to choose the room I want before the shoot?

No. You can decide after you arrive and if you prefer I choose for you, I’m happy to do that as well.


The best answer:


 Most clients assume they need to purchase a bunch of lingerie outfits but that’s not true. Boudoir does not have to lingerie. Some really popular (and more non-traditional outfits include):

• A Partner’s Shirt
• Bodysuits (these are actually a great option)
• Blazer or Coat (fur, trench coat, fitted blazer)
• Cardigans or Off-the-Shoulder Sweaters
• Tank tops and/or Camis
• Just Jeans
• Panties and a Sheet
• Nude


• Costumes (they photograph cheesy) or ‘props’
• Patterns…solids are best
• Neon anything…just don’t do it 🙂


FAQ: Do I need to go to a Hair and Makeup stylist before my shoot?

Short answer? No. Long answer—only if you like a really finished (or dramatic) look and it’s not something you can do yourself. Boudoir (at my studio anyways) is much more focused on the body, so having finished makeup is not as important as say for like, Headshots.

If you are not booking a stylist through the studio and you need help finding a stylist, I may be able to recommend one for you. I have a database of stylists throughout the state so just let me know (preferably when you book) that you would like some references.


Getting a Salon Blowout.
Most salons offer these and they normally run between $40-100. It’s just a wash and style (sometimes they will do a conditioning treatment) but then they finish it with either straightening, curling or putting waves in your hair. Either way, it will make your hair look healthier. For Boudoir, you do not need to have ‘perfect’ hair. You’re going to be laying down and doing all sorts of poses and it’s more important that the hair can ‘move’ with you during your shoot.


Most clients worry about not having the ‘perfect’ flawless body for their shoot and I’m here to tell ya, A) I’ve never seen a flawless body and B) don’t worry about it. Have bruising or a wound that is still healing? It’s TOTALLY FINE. That is what editing is for! 🙂


If you already have them, I suggest getting a full, even body tan via a talented spray tan artist that knows how to even up your skin tones. 

Dirty or Severely Chipped Nails.
Please arrive with clean nails (a coat of neutral or clearcoat can’t hurt) or if you’re already into polish or artistic nails, it’s best they compliment your outfit.

Also, make sure your toes match your hands. you’ll thank me later. 🙂


This area is a toss up because there is no requirement to bring shoes. If you love the look of high heels but hate wearing them, we can always do the ‘heel shots’ first and then you can kick the shoes off and call it good. 🙂

If you love high heels however, they DO photograph well. I would suggest going with a 3″ heel or higher however as lower heels have a tendency to look kind of weird. Also, nude stilletto heels do wonders for making legs look really long. Avoid square heels and ‘granny’ type heels.


I’m worried about the posing, I don’t know what I’m doing.
That’s totally fine! I will tell you what to do (and even demonstrate the pose for you in most cases). Easy peasy!

How long will all of this take?
Most Single Set Sessions take between 45-60 minutes.

How many outfits am I allowed to wear?
Even though we are sticking to one room, you can wear up to 2 outfits.

Can I bring a friend or my child?
Unfortunately due to liability issues we do not allow third parties or children to ‘hang out’. If someone is driving with you to your session, there are a few restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the studio to visit while you’re in your session.

What happens after my session? How long until I see images?
It kind of depends on the time of year we do your session (fall is the busiest) but generally 1-2 weeks. Your ordering appointment is a separate, scheduled appointment that we can do either in-person or over Zoom.

Are all the images edited?
Absolutely. Not every studio will edit all of their proofs, but I’m a big believer in showing finished images only.

I understand that the Single Set Sessions come with 8 digitals,  am I able to add digitals or add an album?
Yes to both. It’s best to wait and see how many images you love from the proofs and make decisions then. Please be aware that any additional purchases are due at the time of your shoot.

Should I come earlier than my scheduled time? Nope. Your appointment time is your start time.

What happens if I’m on my period?
First off, it’s not a big deal and I deal with it allll the time. Just bring your ‘supplies’ and we will make do, it’s totally fine. 

Can I bring in multiple outfits and just have you pick for me? Yes. 

Where is the studio?
We are located at 220 East Washington in St. Louis, Michigan (its a red, Victorian house on the corner of M-46 and Clinton Street). The studio is on the entire top floor and normally I will meet you at the back door to walk you up.

Where should I park?
You are more than welcome to park right in the driveway (accessible from Clinton Street).
The easiest door to come in is the back entrance (the one that faces the driveway). If you prefer to park in the street, there is side street parking as well. 

Still have questions? I’m happy to answer. You can just email them to me or we can totally set up a phone or Zoom chat and go over any and all your concerns. I look forward to photographing you!  Thanks 🙂