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Referrals Matter. To the average person, booking a session involves overcoming fears and placing trust in a stranger to photograph them in a very vulnerable state.  Whether you’re a past client or just someone who loves the imagery, a potential client is going to feel wayyyy better about their choice when the suggestion comes from a familiar person—you.


Primary: Full Session

$100 Amazon Card


$200 Studio Credit*

Single Set, Marathon Day or Themed Room

$50 Amazon Card


$100 Studio Credit*

Google Review:

10 Image Phone App or $100 Studio Credit to Gift a Friend*


Simply put—refer Trish Hadley Boudoir and collect your goodies. Reward goes according the level of Referral (and possible client booking if Level 1 or 2) .


1. Show off your Album. If you purchased a Collection that came with an Album, you could either show it off to your friend(s) in-person (this is actually the #1 way referrals happen) or even take video of a few album pages and text to them (please use your best judgement before sending any digital media of yourself to a friend/colleague).

2. Suggest to a friend that they join the VIP Facebook group. This group is kind of a ‘lobby’ for gals interested in boudoir but not ready to cut the cord. Some women hang out in here for YEARS before booking, but some for only a few months. Facebook allows you to send invites (if you’re already in the group) but doesn’t allow them in the group unless they follow through with joining. I’d suggest actually messaging them in addition to sending the invite.

3. Forward an Instagram post or tag them in the comments of a post. This one is pretty simple, you can click on any post or even the profile and forward it to your friend (if they’re on Instagram). Trish Hadley Boudoir is @trish.hadley.studios or you can also click here.

4. Show off your Phone App. If you purchased a Collection that included the Phone App, its easy to show off your images over lunch, cocktails etc. Just hand them your phone with the gallery open and it’s ready to go!

5. Forward them the url of the website (, have them fill out a Contact form and they’ll be put in touch directly by a representative. The form has a ‘Referral’ field where they can click how they found out about the studio.



If your contact books either a Primary or Secondary Level shoot and mentions you prior to booking, you have your choice between a gift card or studio credit.

Collection of Gift Card: All cards will be virtual and sent via email. Trish Hadley Boudoir is not liable for cards not received or that expire. Gift Cards will be delivered within 30 days of booking.

Studio Credit*: Credit can be used towards:
– Booking fees of future shoots
– Studio Products (albums, digitals, wall art etc.). If you are wanting to purchase items from a past shoot, please be aware any images not purchased at your Reveal may be subject to deletion after 3 months.
*Any and all amounts are good for use up to two calendar years from the referral booking. Not applicable toward hair + makeup services, location fees or travel time/fees.

For Google Reviews:

Google has strict rules regarding a review:
1. You must have a valid Google Email account
2. Your Review cannot contain any swearing or images from your session (if it was Boudoir Session). Google will flag the Review and then not publish it. They will then not allow you to repost or ‘fix’ your review, it will simply have a ban put on it towards reviewing the studio period.

Collection of Phone App or Studio Credit Gift for a Friend: Simply send an email with a screenshot of your published Review as well as your preference on Reward. If choosing the Studio Credit for a Friend, please let us know their name, email and phone and a studio representative will send them the Gift.