Boudoir Photography Michigan

“I’ve shot with Trish a few times now… but this time was different.”

“In the time since my last shoot, we’ve gone (are going) through a pandemic and I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at 34 years old. I went through 16 months of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, 33 rounds of radiation and two reconstruction surgeries. I lost all of my hair and most of my self confidence. My body was poisoned, burned, cut and stitched back together into something that I no longer recognized. It was the farthest thing from a “free boob job” I could have possibly imagined. I changed and I didn’t feel like myself, let alone “sexy”. I even text Trish a few days before the shoot, telling her I had so many scars I felt like Frankenstein.”

Michigan Boudoir Photographer
Michigan boudoir photography
Boudoir Photography Michigan
masectomy boudoir

“In the past, I did the shoots because I thought they’d be fun and I’d get pretty pictures. . .and I was right.”

I knew I needed this, knew I needed to trust Trish…trust her process. I needed to see myself through her lens to find some of the pieces of me that cancer took away. And, that’s what happened. Trish made the whole process fun and easy. We laughed, she took pictures and reminded me of what a bad bitch I am. And the pictures are beautiful. We decided not to photoshop out the scars- because this is who I am now.

So, don’t let a few pounds, imperfections, scars or fear keep you from doing a shoot. Trish is the absolute best. She’ll be your “hype girl” through the whole thing and remind you that you’re a bad bitch because of everything you are and have gone through, not in spite of it. Oh, and you’ll have some incredible photos at the end, too.”

Boudoir Photography Michigan