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Rain Room FAQs

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I’m worried about the posing, I don’t know what I’m doing.
That’s totally fine. You will be shown how to pose and if there’s anything you physically cannot do, it’s not an issue. Your comfort is the #1 priority.

I have some body concerns (example:”I hate my belly”). Do you help hide that?
Posing is everything and believe it or not, takes care of most of those ‘issues’ that you might not love about yourself. Just let me know your concerns when you come for your session and I’ll make sure to pull poses that address those things. 🙂

Can I bring a friend to my Rain Room Session?
Unfortunately due to liability issues we do not allow third parties to hang out (unless they are a partner and part of the session). If someone is driving with you to your session, there are a few restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the studio to visit while you’re in your session.
Also, our studio is not child-friendly whatsoever—leave the kiddos at home.

Do I need to bring towels?
You can bring your own if you’d like but there will be towels ready for you after the session.

What should I wear for this?
All booked shoots receive a Rain Room Session Guide which has outfit suggestions, what to bring etc.

Can I add a makeup stylist to my Rain Room Essentials or X2 session?
Due to the limited time slots we have for these sessions we are not able to offer makeup services for all sessions on-site. If you would like to receive a list of names for area stylists (most work out of a salon) let us know and we will send you their info. For the record, since these aren’t traditional portrait or boudoir sessions, professional makeup is nice but not absolutely necessary. The amount of dedicated shooting is more body-focused than face.

What happens after my session? How long until I see images?
It kind of depends on the month you chose and the level of session but generally 1-2 weeks. Your viewing/ordering appointment is a separate, scheduled appointment that we can do either in-person or over Zoom.

Are all the images edited?
Absolutely. Not every studio will edit all of their proofs, but I’m a big believer in showing finished images only.

Should I come earlier than my scheduled time?
Nope. Your scheduled time is the start time for you to be there whether you are getting hair/mu done or not. Please do not show up super early as we might still be prepping the studio and getting things ready for you!

Where are you located?
Our studio is in the mid-Michigan area, about 15 minutes from Mount Pleasant, 40 minutes from Lansing, 40 minutes from Saginaw and 90 minutes from Grand Rapids. Address and location details will be given to those who book a session.

Can I get a Gift Certificate for a Rain Room Session?
We are not able to offer gift certificates or accept purchases for third parties regarding these sessions. The person purchasing a session must be the person that is to be photographed.

Can I purchase more digitals or images than are included with my session?
Yes. The amount of proofs that come with your session are the number of images you have to choose from. If there are more images in your proofs that you’d like to add, you can do that at your viewing session.

Can I make an album from my digitals and do you offer albums?
Yes to both. The high-res digitals that come with your session include usage rights, which means you can use those images at any printer you wish. We also offer album creation and purchases should you wish to have us take care of option. Sizes start at 6×6 and go up to 12×12. Prices vary according to materials and the amount of images. A full price list can be sent to you prior to your viewing session. 

The Trish Hadley Boudoir studio is located in a Victorian home in St. Louis, Michigan (middle of the mitten!). We are approx 15 min from Mt. Pleasant, 40 min from Lansing, 40 min from Saginaw and 90 min from Grand Rapids. We specialize in boudoir sessions for individuals, brides, maternity and couples.