*All NEON Room sessions include 8 images (digitals) from a choice of 20 proofs. Images are high-res, unwatermarked and come with usage rights (you can print etc.) This price list is in regards to those clients that either want ADDITIONAL digitals, to add an album or want a print for the wall. Payment is due at the time of ordering appointment (Reveal).

best in boudoir



+ 5 images, 150

+ 12 images, 300

Phone App

All images in a gallery on your phone (not for printing) – 150


8×8 Album / All images~ 350

10×10 Album / All images~ 500

Albums come with a material cover of your choice (leather, linen etc.) Photo covers add $100, acrylic covers add $150.


How long does it normally take to get the Album?
Usually 2-3 weeks (longer if there is a major holiday during the ordering period).

What is the difference between the images in the Phone App vs. the Digitals?
The Phone App is private gallery for just YOU that you download to your phone and viewing whenever you want. Your significant other can download a copy as well. The images in the phone app are not made for printing or reproducing the image into other formats. In order to complete that request, you would need to purchase the regular (high-res) digitals.

How long do you keep the images for?
Any chosen or additional, purchased images from the Neon Sessions will be kept for up to 3 years. Anything not purchased gets tossed. 

Do you have a payment plan for image purchases?
The only option for this is to utilize Paypal’s 6 month/no interest plan, which they require qualification for. There is no option for an in-house payment plan.