“I had been feeling down about myself and my body and I happened to stumble upon this project. I thought, what do I have to lose? 

“I am 26 but I don’t think body love or boudoir has a limit for age, I love the concept of the project to love all different types and ages of bodies!

I have always been pretty lanky and awkward with my body so I never really felt appreciative of it. Recently in my search for who I am and who I want to be I’ve definitely grown into loving my body more.

I thought that it was going to feel so weird to be posing so exposed but honestly, Trish made me feel like a Queen! I walked out of my session feeling like a million bucks with so much more confidence. When I originally signed up for the shoot in the beginning of the year I was feeling pretty good about my body and was feeling better and better the closer to the shoot. After it got rescheduled I fell into a bit of COVID depression and was almost dreading it leading up to the shoot. I kept telling myself how excited I had been and to just get it back but it was so hard. The shoot couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I got a huge boost and started feeling warm fuzzies about my body again. ❤”

Advice to future BLP Participants:

“Just do it, girl! Even if you don’t feel sexy yet, Trish is going to hype you up and make you feel sexy! And the feeling lasts! Seeing the photos is a whole other level of a high! Once you see just how HAWT you are, you’ll feel silly for ever doubting doing it!”