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I’m worried about the posing, I don’t know what I’m doing.
That’s totally fine. You will be shown how to pose and if there’s anything you physically cannot do, it’s not an issue. Your comfort is the #1 priority.

I have some body concerns (example:”I hate my belly”). Do you help hide that?
Posing is everything and believe it or not, takes care of most of those ‘issues’ that you might not love about yourself. Just let me know your concerns when you come for your session and I’ll make sure to focus poses that address those things. 🙂

What should I wear for this?
All booked shoots receive a Mini Session Guide which has outfit suggestions, what to bring etc. Overall, I suggest to keep it simple!

Can I wear the Wings or anything out of your closet for my Mini Session?
Unfortunately, the discounted pricing for these sessions couldn’t include access to our studio closet so you will need to bring the outfits you intend to wear. We’re happy to go over your outfits when you arrive however and help you select best choices.


SESSION questions

Where are you located?
Our studio is in the mid-Michigan area, about 15 minutes from Mount Pleasant, 40 minutes from Lansing, 40 minutes from Saginaw and 90 minutes from Grand Rapids. Address and location details will be given to those who book a session.

Can I bring a friend to my Mini Session?
Unfortunately due to liability issues we do not allow third parties to ‘hang out’. If someone is driving with you to your session, there are a few restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the studio to visit while you’re in your session. Also, our studio is not child-friendly whatsoever—leave the kiddos at home.

Can I turn my shoot into a Couples Session?
Because these are mini’s and limited to time, adding a partner needs to stick as an add-on for our full sessions only.

Can I add a a hair and makeup stylist to my Mini Session?
Due to the limited time slots we have for these sessions we are not able to offer these services on-site. If you would like to receive a list of names for stylists (most work out of a salon) let us know and we will send you their info. For the record, most of the posing is not dedicated to focusing on your face (like headshots for instance) so professional makeup isn’t 100% necessary. We suggest for hair that you have a simple blowout done (which most salons offer anyways) which is actually perfect for a boudoir shoot.

Can I add an extra set and/or do the Rain Room for my mini-session?
Any of the ‘exclusive’ sets (Rain Room, bathtub, shower look, outside location etc.) are reserved for full sessions only.

Should I come earlier than my scheduled time?
Nope. Your scheduled time is the start time for you to be there. Please do not show up super early as we might still be prepping the studio and getting things ready for you!

What happens after my session? How long until I see images?
You should see images by the Friday following your session. Your viewing appointment is a separate, scheduled appointment that we can do either in-person or over Zoom and scheduled for 30 minutes so you can finalize the 8×8 photobook that comes with your mini-session.

What if I need to reschedule?
We get it, life can get messy and may interrupt plans. Please be aware however, these are LIMITED sessions and severely discounted than what is normally offered. We unfortunately can’t reschedule on a whim and take slots away from clients who are doing full sessions. With that, we will try everything to reschedule you within the promo timeline. In the event we cannot offer an agreeable alternative or if the timeline of the promo is already full, you have the choice to cancel (your deposit will be non-refundable) or pay a $150 rescheduling fee to be placed on a date in the normal session calendar. Also, the offer to reschedule will be available once and once only.

I want to do one of these sessions but can’t shoot on a Monday. What are my options?
The Fall 2023 Special is unfortunately not open to spots other than Mondays. If you are interested in one of the full sessions, we shoot those Tuesday- Friday.  


Are all the images edited?
Absolutely. Not every studio will edit all of their proofs, but I’m a big believer in showing finished images only.

Can I purchase the digitals from my session?
Yes. Your mini-session includes an 8×8 photobook (and holds about 15-20 images), however if you would like to purchase any of the digitals from the session, you can do so at the viewing appointment that gets scheduled after your session.

Can I upgrade my photobook to a bigger or thicker album?
Yes to both. These options are available on the
Mini Session Product Guide.

How far in advance should I do my shoot in order to recieve the book?
I would suggest at least 3-4 weeks especially if you are looking to do your shoot as a gift.

The Trish Hadley Boudoir studio is located in a Victorian home in St. Louis, Michigan (middle of the mitten!). We are approx 15 min from Mt. Pleasant, 40 min from Lansing, 40 min from Saginaw and 90 min from Grand Rapids. We specialize in boudoir sessions for individuals, brides, maternity and couples.