Boudoir Photography in Michigan

At Trish Hadley Boudoir, we offer a premier boudoir experience to people throughout Michigan, specializing in boudoir for women, brides, and couples. With a studio conveniently located in mid-Michigan, we are proud to work with clients from all around the state. Whether this is your first session or your fifth, we are dedicated to ensuring you have a fantastic boudoir experience. 

What Is Boudoir? 

Boudoir is a form of photography that embraces the beauty of one’s body. In a boudoir session, the photographer poses and captures photos of the client in intimate clothing that accentuates their natural beauty. 

People do boudoir photoshoots for a variety of reasons: to celebrate a momentous occasion, to give as a gift (to themselves or their significant other), or just because they feel sexy and want to document that. Boudoir is not just for models—anyone can do it! People of all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome in our studio. 

Boudoir is about more than just sexuality. We obviously want you to feel sexy, but that is not our only goal. Boudoir is often used as a tool to promote self-love and self-confidence. Our studio is dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive experience. 

Boudoir can seem intimidating, especially to someone who is uncomfortable exposing their body. But the goal is that you leave the session feeling confident, sexy, and empowered. Your body is a work of art that deserves to be documented and celebrated.

What to Expect from a Boudoir Photoshoot

The first step in the boudoir process is to schedule a consultation. In this consultation, we will discuss session options and availability, go over any questions that you may have about the experience, and ease any pre-booking jitters.

Once you have scheduled your session, we will send you a session guide. This guide has information on what to expect on the day of your shoot, such as what to bring and wear. The goal is for you to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible.  

You do not need to know how to pose to schedule a boudoir shoot. We will walk you through each pose, making sure you feel confident and sexy the entire time. The studio has a variety of areas for posing to ensure you get the most out of your session.

All sessions at Trish Hadley Boudoir include professional hair and makeup. On the day of your shoot, arrive as you are. The studio has a wardrobe of accessories that are available for your use, including teddies and bodysuits from size small to 2x as well as disposable thongs. Bras and panty sets are not provided, so feel free to bring your own if you wish. 

After you complete your session, we will schedule a meeting with you to go through your photos and different ordering options. 

Interested in booking a consultation? Schedule a 15-minute phone or Zoom call. 

Types of Boudoir Photoshoots

“Traditional” Boudoir

Traditional boudoir is a way to celebrate your body and confidence. However, we use the word “traditional” loosely. It is not just for women—anyone can book a session. 

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive studio. All genders, sexualities, and body types are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Our studio also offers sessions for couples of all kinds. 

Maternity Boudoir

Similar to traditional boudoir, maternity boudoir is a way to capture the beauty of a pregnant body. Boudoir is a great way to document and embrace how beautiful your changing body looks. Pregnancy brings many changes; boudoir can be used as a way to boost confidence and celebrate your body during this time.

Plus-size Boudoir

Boudoir is not reserved for those that are size 2—any size can do it! Celebrate your beautiful body at any shape or size. We have many poses and outfits specifically for plus-sized clients. 

Wedding/Bridal Boudoir

With bridal boudoir, you can commemorate your special day with a gift for your significant other. Wedding day photography is often intended to be shared with friends and family. With bridal boudoir, you can capture your love in a way that’s meant just for your partner.

Styled/Location Boudoir

Tailor your boudoir session to your wants and desires by adding a theme based on a unique style or location. Gain inspiration from a specific location, such as a beach, hotel, or pool, or bring your imagination to the studio with a specific theme, such as body paint or dressing up as your favorite cosplay. 

Celebration/Milestone Boudoir

You do not need a reason to do a boudoir, but it is a great way to celebrate milestones or achievements. Schedule a session for a birthday, anniversary, important occasion, or just for fun!

Meet Trish Hadley, Michigan Boudoir Photographer

When I first started my photography business, I began shooting portraits and weddings. I soon found my true passion for boudoir, and I have been specializing in boudoir specifically since 2014. 

Today, I’m proud to have a mid-Michigan professional photography studio devoted entirely to boudoir. Located on the second story of an old Victorian home, our studio offers a variety of beautiful areas for poses. 

I’m committed to making sure my clients feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in every session. Whether you’re new to boudoir or know exactly what you want, I’m excited for the opportunity to help you celebrate yourself.    

Locations in Michigan Trish Hadley Boudoir Serves

At Trish Hadley Boudoir, our mid-Michigan professional photography studio makes boudoir accessible for clients throughout Michigan. We’ve captured the beauty and sensuality of clients from cities and towns across the Great Lakes state, including: 

  • Saginaw
  • Brighton
  • Jackson
  • Royal Oak
  • Ann Arbor
  • Flint
  • Traverse City
  • Midland
  • Lansing
  • Troy
  • Plymouth
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Holland
  • Dearborn
  • Grand Rapids
  • Grand Blanc
  • Frankenmuth
  • Fenton
  • Farmington 
  • East Lansing
  • Detroit

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