it’s time to stop wanting to do a


(and just f*cking do one already).

Do you love seeing others in boudoir photos but think you could never look that good? Pfft…I’ll help you with that. Chances are you won’t recognize the person you see in the photos. In the best way of course. 

does any of this


I’ll book a shoot when…

….I Lose Some Weight
….Life Gets Less Hectic
….I Have a Reason to Celebrate 

Or any other excuses your brain comes up with?

Just chiming in here, letting you know you’re ALWAYS worth celebrating! The timing won’t always be perfect but what if you had someone like me show you that those same beautiful bits you’ve grown to loathe have some likable characteristics? Say goodbye to insecurity and hello to a badass woman that appreciates her body more!
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You don’t need to walk in the door oozing with self-confidence, we’re used to dealing with that.

You’ve made a commitment to yourself, to that bad ass woman inside of you that’s been waiting to get out. Our commitment is to deliver that to you.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your body?

It happens to all of us. 

You wage a war with the mirror and don’t walk away until you’ve knocked yourself down a few pegs. 

Not here. This is a place you can stop worrying about your belly or whatever it is you’re hung up on. It’s MY job to deal with all that and make sure we’re getting great images for the camera. Your job is to just show up. 🙂

kalamazoo photographer

My skills match women who believe one or more of the following:

✔ Feel like they aren’t ‘photogenic’ (that’s not real btw)
✔ Has huge worries/hatred for a certain body area (i.e belly, bewbs, butt) and the disgust is so bad it’s the reason to NOT to do a shoot
✔ Feel they’re too awkward or incapable of looking good enough
✔ Consider themselves too old, fat or just not worthy 

Lucky for you, you have me! I’m here to set you up for success. I don’t expect you to have experience. Watch me, I’ll show you how to do everything!

add-ons + INCLUSIONS

pro Hair + Makeup

Our studio works with 4 licensed stylists, all of whom offer services on-site should you wish to add this to your experience. Your look can be full glam or natural, you decide.

the Client Closet

Some of our sessions include access to studio wardrobe, which features bodysuits, kimonos, tulle skirts, wings, shoes, coats and various other pieces.

Posing instruction

Most people don’t hang alone in their bedroom while sticking their butt in the air (well, maybe some do). I know how to pose, you don’t. Just follow my direction and it’ll be fine.

session OPTIONS

When you book, you can decide which sets you’d like to shoot (we have 5 different rooms and each one has their own look and feel). Can’t decide at booking? Then you simply choose the number of sets and we’ll figure it out later. The most popular sets are the wings, sheet and the wet look.

Mount Pleasant Michigan Boudoir Photographer
Mount Pleasant Michigan Boudoir Photography
Mount Pleasant MI Boudoir
best boudoir michigan
Mount Pleasant MI Boudoir
Mount Pleasant Michigan Boudoir Photographer

I’ve been working with amazing women like you for the past 10 years, and here’s my ‘why’ I’m in this line of work…

Simply put… I CAN RELATE. I know what it’s like to want nice photos of myself, while not feeling great about my body. I also know what it’s like to make that commitment to do a shoot where the photographer made zero effort to make me feel more comfortable and/or just shouted commands at me.

Yelling things like “Make your face better!” was not only a WTF for me in regards to direction, but didn’t make me feel so hot.

Aaaaannnnd…. do you think the photos turned out well from a shoot like that btw? NOPE! They looked like sh*t!

A person’s COMFORT at a shoot matters. Above all else. If you’re not feeling good at a shoot, the greatest makeup, wardrobe and lighting won’t save you.

There’s no Photoshop method or filter to fix it either. I know, I’ve looked. 🙂


“I am 200lbs and 5’2, I definitely had the worries and insecurities that most people would.”

“I have never felt so confident before embracing my body until I did this shoot.” 


Yep, it’s in a house…

,…the whole top floor to be exact. My husband and I purchased a 120 year old Victorian home in 2021 specifically so I could shoot Boudoir in the MOST GORGEOUS light imaginable. No joke, I’ve been around and lighting matters.

When you book, there are different sets you can choose from and make the shoot about YOU and YOUR STYLE. Want a wet look?  We can do that. Want a light and airy feel? There’s a room that is all white. You like it dark and moody? Got a room for that too. 

Our 2,000 sq. ft space is located in mid-Michigan!
15 min from Mt. Pleasant
40 min from Lansing
40 min from Saginaw
90 min from Grand Rapids

Mount Pleasant MI Boudoir
Mount Pleasant MI Boudoir
Mount Pleasant MI Boudoir

why choose


We know….there’s TONS of boudoir photographers out there.

Here’s some why we’re awesome though. 🙂

• Specialize in posing for ALL body types

• The space is private and dedicated to JUST boudoir

• Studio Closet has essentials like bodysuits (XS-4X) along with goodies like wings, robes + tulle skirts 

• 90+ 5 star Google reviews which all say the same thing: they loved the experience AND the photos!

alpena mi boudoir

“Trish is amazing, she has a super power of bringing out your inner badass. I walked away from my shoot feeling so confident and when I need a self esteem boost I pull out my photos. She is very skilled at her craft and able to put you at ease as soon as you meet her. You will not be disappointed in the experience or the product. So looking forward to my next shoot with her.”

~Sandy, 52

special offer: SAVE $150

Want to reserve your date while saving $150? We’ll take $150 off your deposit when you book a Collection or Premium Session during a consult.

ready for NEXT STEPS?

Making a commitment to do a boudoir shoot can be overwhelming.
I can walk you through the process and you can decide if moving forward is a good fit.