How ‘The Reveal’ Works

Congrats! Your shoot is done and your Reveal is scheduled! Here’s what to expect:

Your Reserved Time:
Your Reveal appointment has been scheduled either in-person (studio or other location), or virtual (Zoom or phone). Regardless of method, this time has been reserved for YOU to view the proofs from your session AND make any decisions on whether you want to purchase images (or do any upgrades if you did a Petite Shoot). Proofs are viewed in a private, online gallery and do not stay in the gallery beyond the meeting time (unless you are purchasing all the images where it will then turn into a public gallery for you to direct download for up to 7 days following the Reveal).

How Virtual (Zoom or Phone) Reveals work:
You will be sent an invite via email to Zoom by Trish Hadley (or assistant) with a link to join and view the images in a private gallery. The gallery is only accessible for the duration of our conversation/viewing. We strongly recommend using a separate desktop, laptop or tablet to view the proofs if you are Zooming via a phone, or doing a phone call for your method (you will not be able to chat and look at the images at the same time if you are on the phone).
Please set aside free time for your Reveal appointment and don’t plan to do while driving, watching children or during a break at your workplace where third parties will be. You are going to need to time to view the images in private and decide without distractions.

How long is the Reveal?
For Petite Boudoir Sessions (up to 25 proofs): 30 minutes
For Full Boudoir Sessions (5 outfit, up to 70 proofs): 60 minutes

We’ve had some clients take 5 minutes and some utilize the full alotted time, it’s really dependent on the speed of your decision making. We’re there to answer all your questions and help you make decisions.

You will be sent a price list prior to your appointment. Any orders require payment at the Reveal (in-person) or via same day invoice. We accept payment via debit/credit card for Virtual Reveals and card/check/cash for In-Person Reveals. No orders are placed until payment is made in full, no exceptions.

If you Require a Payment Plan:
We work with PayPal Credit (a 6-month, no interest plan that releases payment to our studio upfront and you to get your order placed immediately). After you place your order, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal with directions on how to acquire their Payment Plan. Your order will only be held for 14 business days if your PayPal Credit is denied.


What if I need more time to view and make decisions?
It’s very rare, however should you require an additional Reveal appointment there is a $75 charge to do so. The amount of time set aside for your Reveal has repeatedly proven to be more than enough time, so we strongly encourage to use it wisely. We’re also there to help you with decisions and questions!

Can I bring someone to an In-Person Reveal?
For third parties that want to attend or you feel you need for ‘support’, we advise the following:

Due to Covid, we currently only allow up to one other person to attend an in-person Reveal. All persons attending must wear a mask the entire time they are at the studio. At no time are children under 12 allowed in the studio.

Can I invite others to a Virtual Reveal?
If you are wanting other people to see your Virtual Reveal (and they’re at a separate location), we currently do not offer multiple Zoom feeds or conference calling. Please let us know if this is a situation where you are trying to include a spouse (or perhaps a third-party that is part of the decision making or for finanical reasons). Alsp please be aware, including third parties normally increases the Reveal time, so if your appointment goes longer than 60 minutes you will be charged a $75 fee to go past that alotted time.

What will happen to the images if I decide not to purchase any at the Reveal?
Should you decide not to do anything with the images, they will be in our system (not viewable or accessible) for 30 days only. After that, any and all images not purchased are deleted. You could however place an order at your Reveal where it will held for 14 business days. If the order goes unpaid however, it will expire and images then deleted. If images are simply in the 30 day hold and you require an additional Reveal appointment, there is a $75 charge to do so.

How long will it take to receive my order
Disregarding holidays, pandemics and/or extreme situations, these are average turnaround times:

Boudoir Albums: 1-2 weeks

Little Black Books: 2-3 weeks

Digitals: Available same or next day from Reveal. Digital Download Galleries are available for 7 days only.

Portfolio Boxes: 2-3 weeks

Wall Art: 2-3 weeks

USB Drive w/Digitals: 1-2 weeks

All printed orders are shipped to your direct, no pickup required! Most items arrive via Fed Ex or USPS and if images are a gift to someone in your household, box may say “photography do not bend” etc. Please plan accordingly.

For any and all clients/participants of a Reveal:

It is illegal to screenshot and utilize any of images shown to you from the Reveal in any capacity whatsoever. As a result, images are watermarked during the Reveal. Failure to comply is considered theft and individuals will be prosecuted and/or fined to the fullest extent.