What should I wear?
This is a ‘one outfit’ shoot, and our best suggestions are the following:
• A bathing suit (either one piece or bikini)
• Lingerie (either a one piece teddy or bra/panty). Avoid heavy cotton style or baby doll type and stay away from the extras like garters and hose.
• Body suit (stay away from any with sleeves. Also any type with a thong back would show off butt more).
• White tank with underwear (wet undershirt look)
• Naked or topless with a thong or bikini bottom
Possible wardrobe suggestions (fyi, these are all from Amazon so they should arrive in time for your shoot).
This style would elongate a neck and really helps show chest
This one is cute too, has a few more colors
Black, horizontal lines…This one is kind of fun and not like traditional lingerie
Metallic one piece
You want the really thin kind so that your body shows through the material. Stay away from really thick ones.
This tankini is really cute and would cover/hold in a belly, could wear with out a bra or top
Should I wear jewelry?
I would only suggest jewelry if it’s big and noticeable (chunky necklace, big earrings, bracelets etc) But if you have a really tiny necklace or earrings, it’s likely they won’t even show up really.You don’t need jewelry for this and can keep it simple and not wear any if you’d like. 
What should I do with my hair and makeup?
I’d suggest washing your hair, conditioning as usual and not putting any styling product it in. The plan is to have it be drenched. For makeup, I would suggest keeping it simple and the most important thing would be waterproof mascara. Most lipsticks are waterproof too. I wouldn’t worry too much about foundation, you may want to throw on a waterproof sun screen as you will be in the sun a bit. If you are into contouring etc., you are going to want to use an oil based cream, nothing powder will make it.
Will the water be warm?
No. The goal is not to have it be ice cold, but please be aware the water source is basically like that of an outside sprinkler. I will be placing the hose through a sitting hot tub so that should help a bit, but I want to be upfront this not like a warm/hot shower you’d have at home. Some things to know:
• You will not be standing under the water the whole time. I also work pretty fast and if you need to take a break, it’s doable. 
• There is a hot tub right there, so if you need to jump in there after your shoot, have at it!
• The deck we’ll be shooting on, combined with the BLACK tarps that I’m using, it should be pretty warm in there. The water might actually feel good!
How long will all this take?
I should normally be able to get all the images I want within 20-30 minutes…45 if you need some short breaks in between.
Should I arrive early for my appointment? 
It’s not necessary. I plan on shooting these back to back, so you coming early might mean you just have to wait. You can just show up for your scheduled time.
Can I bring a friend or my partner? 
I hate to tell people no on this, but in the past I’ve had too many issues of people getting in the way, shooting with their cell over my shoulder or just overall being a huge distraction for me and the person I’m shooting. I want you to have AWESOME images, and anytime there’s a third party hanging out it always seems to damper the quality.
When do I get to see images?
I have intermittent traveling in August so I won’t have any images ready until after Sept. 5. Nicole will contact you the week of the 29th to set up your Reveal, which you can choose to do over Phone or Zoom. I will do in-person reveals but by request only.
How much are the extra images if I want more?
Should you want more than the 3 images that are included with your session, there will be digitals, a small album and metal prints available. 
I’ve never been to your studio, where do I enter?
The studio is located at 220 E. Washington (also known as M-46) in St. Louis, Michigan. It is a large red Victorian house on the corner of Washington and Clinton. You can park right in the driveway (entry is on Clinton) and come in the rear entry as there are currently construction projects happening out front.
So what all should I bring?
• Your one outfit (if you are wearing anything)
• Your favorite towel
• Some flip flops or shoes that are easy to slip on/off. While I’ll be photographing you with no shoes, the deck itself can get HOT.
Where will I be able to change?
You can use either the downstairs bathroom or change right in the Rain Room area, which is sectioned off and not visible to the neighbors.
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