Photo Editor Application: Trial Edits

Our studio recieved 200+ applicants regarding the search for a Photo Editor. While the search is still open, we hope to narrow down selections this week and have the position filled by first part of June.

In continuation to the write up regarding the position, it’s important for me to illustrate the importance of what I’m really seeking:

A) someone who knows how to edit skin 
B) can edit in MY style

The majority of the samples that were sent by applicants as past work examples were either really amateur or just didn’t understand the job at hand. If you are getting access to this page and the trial portion, it means I either liked your work or think there is potential for you to do the work at the level/style for this work.

I want to be upfront about my clients and their expectations. My clients are EVERYDAY women (not models). Some of them are severely overweight and/or over the age of 40. If the perception from my IG feed or website is that every woman is going to be a clean and simple edit, I’ll save you some time from going further if you need to bow out now. Some clients can be very challenging. The goal is not to remove 100 pounds or take someone’s  crows feet to perfect skin. We want to make them look good, not over edited or badly ‘airbrushed’. That was by far the most common element I saw in several of the applications.

Next Step: Image Trial

If you still wish to be in the running, there are 2 images to edit and then send back by Friday, May 28. 

One is a typical client edit (Image A), and the other (Image B) is a more difficult and complex edit. I chose the one image so you’d have a general idea of the work, and the other for the simple reason that if you have difficulty with that level of work—then nothing else really matters.

Because these are real client images, your signature is required regarding confidentiality and non-usage towards any future portfolio work etc.
Image downloads and instructions on where to return will be supplied one you have sumbitted your info and signature.

Thank you!

Trish Hadley

Boudoir Photoshoot
Boudoir Outfit
Boudoir Photoshoot
Boudoir Shoot