COUPLE SHOOTS by trish hadley
September – December 2021

In 2020 I had a project planned called “the L’Amour Sessions” and it was going to be based on doing couple shoots (boudoir). But of course Covid changed all that and the project was shelved. Between Sept- Dec. of this year, I saved some dates to revisit this genre (I currently have no plans to offer them in 2022 or do a big project later).

These are the current spots available:

Sepetmber: 2 dates open
October: 4 dates open
November: 5 dates open
December: 5 dates open


A booking fee and Zoom chat is required before scheduling an actual shoot. Chat will take about 15 minutes and we’ll go over expectations, styling (wardrobe), posing, pricing and possible booking (it needs to be a good fit for everyone involved). Zoom chat is not an obligation to purchase a session. Please be aware my session fees start at $350 and images are a separate purchase.

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