“I originally did a boudoir shoot with another photographer and literally hated it. In most of my pics, I looked like a cow and was greatly disappointed. Trish instantly made me feel relaxed (I mean I was completely nude in some of them!) And the pics from my shoot with Trish were GORGEOUS. This was the experience I wanted and dreamed of.”

– Ms. M, 41


“I really had doubts about whether I would look good posing. I have never seen myself like this before. Trish takes gorgeous pictures. I never thought I looked like that. Wow. Just WOW!!!

Ms. L, 54

"I had all the normal thoughts — I should lose weight, I should work out like a fiend, I should fast... But, I didn't  lose weight, workout or fast. And I felt beautiful and badass. All because of Trish. 

Ms. S, 59

I’ve done several boudoir shoots with Trish and always feel amazing afterward because she makes it easy and comfortable. The end result is always mind blowing!

Ms. J, 41

"I'm not as comfortable with my weight as I'd like to be, but my shoot helped me see that at any size, I'm able to be confident. Trish is wonderful and has a way of reading people that makes you feel at ease.

Ms. B, 35

"I've never really LOVED my body since my c-section 4 years ago. The hardest part was getting in front of the camera. The pictures gave me back confidence in myself I didn’t even know I had! Can't wait for the next shoot."

Ms. S, 32

I was surprised how comfortable I was with Trish. She made me feel like I'd done this before. When I saw the pics I thought, ‘who the hell is that?’ Then I thought, ‘Damn! Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Ms. A, 36


We could show you gorgeous client pics all day (but it's best you got it right from the source)!

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