Self love for my body is something that comes naturally to me. I know I’m not perfect and that my body may not be what everyone else on the planet is into and that’s ok with me. IDGAF!

I’ve been following Trish for a while and I absolutely love her photos. The way she makes every woman in the photos look so feminine and beautiful has always mesmerized me. When I saw the post for the body love project I didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to be a part of her art and a part of the message of women being comfortable in their own skin.

We are all made to look differently for a reason and we should embrace that difference and individuality and rock it out! Maybe with some racy, sexy, sassy photos to celebrate just that 😍 When you can truly be open, feel free and accept yourself is when the real magic happens in your life.

I wasn’t hesitant at all (to be nude) because I trusted Trish. I trusted the message and the reason I was doing this. I wanted to take it all off, be free, have fun and just be myself and let loose. If I can be naked, I’m naked so it was really cool being photographed in my element. My body confidence was high before the shoot and it was even higher during and after it was over! Being confident in your own skin is a superpower ❤️

Advice to future BLP Participants:

I would tell them to do it! Fuck what anybody else thinks and just celebrate your sexy, special ass. There’s nothing to be afraid of or to feel shy about. We all have the same parts 🤷🏽 just get out there and love the hell out of yours and rock em in your pics!