Since I haven’t been able to work out, I gained a lot of weight. Thankfully I decided to embrace my new ‘rolls’ and ‘curves’. I wanted to show myself that I can be sexy and desirable at any age and weight. I can love myself even if I don’t feel I’m at the best shape of my life. 

I turned 44 the day after the shoot. It was definitely a factor because this was the year I was going to get in shape, be the best shape of my life, etc. Well, life always seems to get in the way and that didn’t happen. I have a labral tear in my hip, which means I can’t work out because of the constant pain I have. I can’t run or work out on my spin bike. It hurts to walk up stairs. Because I like to eat and drink and I can’t work out, I have gained weight.

Self love of my body does NOT come naturally. It’s something I never had as a teenager or growing up. It’s something I work on every day.

Even though it felt a little strange being almost naked in front of her, Trish made me feel comfortable and most importantly, confident. She told me exactly where to position my arms, legs, head, lips, etc. and I trusted she knew what she was doing and let go. That’s when my confidence took over and I was thankful for her. (Thanks, Trish!)

I was silent (because I was in shock) and then cried (happy tears) when Trish did the Reveal with me. Since we had to do it over the phone/online, Trish had to ask if I was still there, LOL. I asked if she photoshopped my rolls off, haha. She  said no and I thought, dang…this is 44! This is what I wanted to look like at 44. And then I thought, wait…this IS what I look like….and I’m practically naked! My confidence has soared and I encouraged all of my friends to do this, because it’s fun and because your confidence will soar. Trish not only makes you feel like a million bucks but you are having fun at the same time. The Body Love Project was the perfect time for me to do this. In the beginning I was like, I don’t want anyone to see my pictures with my face. Today, I’m like, did you see my pictures Trish Hadley took?!? I love my body (curves and all), but most of all I love myself and who I am.

Advice to future BLP Participants:

Do it now. Don’t feel like you have to lose 10 pounds before you do it. I may look thin, but I am NOT. Trish knows how to position your body, arms (even un-flexible T-rex arms like mine LOL), so that you look amazing, feel sexy and let your confidence shine through. Your only regret will be is that you never did a boudoir shoot with Trish. You will be thrilled you made this investment in yourself!