the BODY LOVE Project

What is the ‘“Body Love” Project?
“Body Love” is a national photography project put on by participating boudoir photographers, each using their own style to to help destigmatize that only young and/or skinny bodies can be beautiful. Trish Hadley Portrait + Boudoir is taking part in this project March and April of 2020.

What are the rules for being a participant?
Pretty simple, actually—there are 2 ways to do a shoot. You can either Apply to be a Featured Participant (based on selection only, no guarantee of a shoot) or Book A Body Love + Boudoir Shoot for yourself. There is a reservation fee required in both instances and participants are required to sign an image release.

How many ‘outfits’ can I wear for my shoot?
For a Featured Participant Body Love session you can have up to two looks. For a Body Love + Boudoir you can have up to four.

How long does a shoot take?
This can vary depending on the type of shoot and your styling needs. People with longer hair generally take longer in the styling chair than say, someone with a pixie cut. A Featured Shoot will probably take 1.5-2 hours and a Body Love + Boudoir Shoot will take 2-3 hours.

Do I have to bring anything to the shoot?
For the Featured Participant Shoot, we suggest you bring nude or colored underwear that compliments your particular skin color, however no neon colors or patterned underwear. Because these shoots are based on the body, we suggest a thong style. Neutral colored body suits are also acceptable. You also have the option to shoot nude.
For the Body Love + Boudoir Shoot, you can shoot the same as above for the Body Love portion and bring 2 additional lingerie items (no costumes or props however).

Can I do my shoot at a location?
For this particular project, all shoots will be done at our studio.

Where are you located?
We are on the second floor of 414 Court Street in old town Saginaw.

What are the reservations fee* and what do they cover?
If you choose the method to Apply as a Featured Participant (and are selected) there is a $75 reservation fee which includes a hair blowout, the shoot, 1-2 looks and $75 in image credit should you want to purchase any of the images for your own usage (there is no guarantee on selection for doing this shoot). The Booked Body Love + Boudoir Shoot is a $150 fee and includes hair, makeup, a Body Love Session and 2 boudoir add ons (lingerie). Body Love + Boudoir Reservation fees are $150 and can also be used towards image credit for optional image purchases. The Body Love and Boudoir Shoot option does not require selection.

*Both reservation fees are non-refundable and do not cover images as they are a separate and optional purchase.

When can I see the images?
We will have them ready approx. 1 week after your session, shown to you in private either at the studio or over Skype or phone.

How much are the images?
Because this is a limited time project, pricing is different than our normal studio pricing (and is promotional). 
Price List for the Featured Participants
Price List for the Body Love + Boudoir

I am really nervous about the shoot, can I bring a friend or spouse with me?
Our studio is separated into 2 sections, the prep side and the shooting side. You can bring up to ONE individual to your shoot and they can sit with you while you’re in the styling chair, however we do not allow third parties to ‘watch’ a session or be in the shooting area during a shoot. Also, our studio is not child-friendly and therefore children under 18 are not allowed.

I am really worried about my wrinkles/fat rolls/scars for this type of project. What sort of editing is done?
While the scope of this project is really about capturing women in a natural state and the acceptance of any ‘flaws’, basic editing will apply in regards to eliminating, acne, bruises or blending mismatched skin (for instance a sun burn or severe tan lines). In all truth, if you want severe editing these shoots are not for you and instead we suggest booking a regular boudoir or portrait shoot.