21 Boudoir Outfits Ideas

I’m Trish, owner of Trish Hadley Boudoir. I made this guide 21 Boudoir Outfit Ideas to help ladies with what is often a daunting task—bringing in outfits for their Boudoir Session. Booking a shoot can be nerve-wracking enough, one doesn’t need more stress figuring out wardrobe. 🙂 First, it’s a misnomer that boudoir has to be just lingerie—that is just false. I’ve included some of the standard outfits but also some other possibilities that many people don’t consider. My best advice is to bring outfits you LOVE and reflects your style.

This guide has some tips on what photographs best according to body type, as well as links to sources for more ideas/buying options. You may find you already have stuff (but totally forgot about)! So, look it over… hopefully, it’ll give you ideas and make the process easier. I look forward to the possibility of photographing you!

1. Bra/Panty Sets

There are tons of different kinds but I recommend an actual set that goes together. Mismatched items don’t photograph well.
Padded Bras vs. non-padded: Padded is going to make ‘the girls’ look perkier and/or voluptuous, BUT If you don’t need support or enhancement, don’t feel obligated to go that route. Padded bras can sometimes photograph as wonky or stiff in comparison to your body.

Quick Tip: Want to appear leaner? Bra/panty sets ‘cut you in half’ visually. A one-piece (like a bodysuit) will make you appear longer.

boudoir wardrobe guide
Boudoir Outfit
Boudoir Outfit Ideas
Boudoir Outfit Ideas

2. Teddies

Teddies come in tons of different styles, but some have support built in, some don’t. I’m here to tell ya if you need support, get one with built in cups!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas
Boudoir Outfit Ideas
Boudoir Outfit Ideas
Boudoir Wardrobe

3. Bodysuits

LOVE these. They look good on pretty much everybody and most include spandex (keeping tummies smooth as well as being stretchy).

Boudoir Outfit Ideas
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
Michigan Boudoir
Boudoir Outfit Ideas

4. Coats

Fur, trench, leather, blazer, etc. Coats (and/or jackets) should be close to your size (if too big we can use clips). This look is best with no bra and just undies.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
Boudoir Outfit Suggestions

5. His Shirt

Super popular choice and can range from using his work shirt to a military or civil service uniform. Often times the shirt is wayyyy to big, so we can use clips to keep your curves intact and make it look like your not wearing a tent. 🙂

Quick Tip: Shirts can be worn with or without underwear, but if wearing both bra and panty it will photograph better if they are part of a set or at least match in color.

boudoir wardrobe guide
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
Boudoir Outfit Inspo
Boudoir Outfit Ideas

6. tees + tanks

Looks best with no bra. For the ‘under boob’ look, cut the shirt a few inches below the nipple. Please plan accordingly for panties to match your tee/tank or a complimentary color.   

Boudoir Outfit Ideas
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
Boudoir Outfit Inspo

7. Sweaters

Cardigans look great with either simple bra/panty set (or just nude). Oversized sweaters look awesome paired with thigh-high socks for a ‘winter’ look. 

Boudoir Outfit Ideas
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
boudoir wardrobe guide
boudoir wardrobe inspiration

8. jeans

One of the simplest and sexiest outfits. Just wear with a bra or without! Other alternatives: leather pants, jean shorts.

boudoir wardrobe guide
boudoir wardrobe guide
boudoir wardrobe guide
Boudoir Outfit Ideas
Boudoir Outfit Ideas

9. heels + boots

The great thing with heels—they give a ‘lift’ to your bum when doing standing shots. Also, booty shots taken while laying down look better with heels. In my studio, I don’t make clients wear them the entire time either. I know they can be uncomfortable so we’ll usually get certain shots out of the way and then they can come off.

Quick Tip: Want to make legs look longer? Get nude shoes with a heel. They also go with pretty much anything.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
Michigan Boudoir Photographer
Boudoir Outfit Inspo

10. Bustiers + Corsets 

Bustiers are made for showing off ‘the girls’, corsets accentuate the waist. Both styles are not made for comfort but work well enough for the purpose of a shoot.

11. Robes + Kimonos

Robes look best used as an accessory unless its used loosely over a nude body. Often times they either hide a body (and make it look bigger) if just tied and used very literally.

12. Lace One Piece

Wear with or without underwear. Looks great on all body types and is good for someone a little more conservative. They are usually stretchy and therefore comfy.

13. Bralettes

Popular the last few years, these come with extended material below the bra line. Some have cups and provide support, however, some don’t and are more like a mini-tank top. If you need support, that kind might not be the best option.

14. Waist Cinchers

Match with color panties and complimentary boots or shoes. Normally worn without a bra.

15. tulle skirts

We have several tulle skirts at the studio available to those who book a Boudoir Session or add wardrobe to a Petite Session. Most have an elastic waist so as to fit a wide range of sizes. You can pair with your own bra, bralette or just no top at all.
Colors include:
• Pale Pink
• Bubblegum Pink
• Black
• Red (not shown)
• Cream
• Baby Blue
• Sage/Hunter Mix (not shown)

Boudoir Wardrobe Suggestions
Boudoir Inspiration
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
boudoir wardrobe guide

16. Stockings

A popular option, with garters and without. I strongly recommend trying on beforehand as some women find they ‘pinch’ their leg and they don’t like the look.


boudoir wardrobe recommendations

17. Body Jewlery

Best for wearing while nude, however, panties could be used if they are simple. There are lots on Amazon for cheap (as they’re not usually ‘real’ jewelry but perfect to use for your shoot).

boudoir wardrobe recommendations

18. masks

These are a fun way to create a totally different look to your other outfit. We have some at the studio available to those doing a Classic Session (or Petite with add-on wardrobe option).

boudoir wardrobe recommendations

19. bodystockings

Bodystockings look great on everyone! Their stretchy materials accentuates you in all of the right places. Pair with a bra and panty set or go completely nude underneath 🙂 PLUS, they’re super comfortable. 

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

20. sportswear 

This is a big category as it can include jerseys, tees, undies with logos etc. I recommend instead of shoes or just bare feet to have sports socks to complete the look.

boudoir wardrobe recommendations

21. implied or nude

This ‘outfit’ idea can sound really intimidating to most people, but it’s actually a favorite among clients. For those a little nervous (but want to do it) we save it for the end of the session so that way you’re already
used to the camera and the process. You can choose to show booty,
breasts or we can use a sheet or hands to purposely cover those
areas and make the images more of a teaser. Some clients go completely nude and some wear underwear. It’s really about your comfort level.

boudoir wardrobe guide
Boudoir Outfit Ideas
boudoir wardrobe recommendations
Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Shopping Resources

Two big (common) online resources for lingerie:
Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood
I have a few other sources for you, however (I’m not a big believer in spending serious money on wardrobe). There’s is a HUGE difference in top quality wardrobe and ‘photo-shoot’ wardrobe (outfits that are good enough for a shoot)!

Amazon/My List of Recommended Outfits
Love or hate Amazon, they have TONS of stuff for an average of $20/outfit. This link has my recommendations with some notes on certain outfits. These are pieces I have either photographed already or ones that I know would photograph well.
Quick Tip: A lot of this stuff is from China and may take 30-60 days to arrive, plus it usually runs small compared to US sizes (like 2 sizes smaller). Plan accordingly.

Here are some other resources to check out (also more on the frugal side)…
Forever 21 Lots of variety for all sizes
Adore Me Decent variety, wide range of size
Yandy All sizes and they have a bigger selection of accessories

Not a Budget Betty? Then these sites are for you…
Laperla This is stuff that really gorgeous and CLASSY
Agent Provocateur Combination of naughty and nice

How many outfits to bring…

Can I bring more outfits than I booked for and just have you pick my wardrobe?
Yes. However if you booked a Full Boudoir Session (up to 5 outfits) we don’t suggest bringing more than 10 outfits and if it’s Petite, not more than 3.

What if I booked a Full Boudoir Session but I don’t have enough outfits?
The Full Boudoir Session includes access to our closet so what we have at the studio is yours to use. Keep in mind, we don’t stock bra/panty sets (for both sanitary and sizing reasons) but we have other items to make do if you don’t have enough. It’s also not a requirement that you do all 5. Having at least 3 is a good rule of thumb for some variety.

What do I wear during hair + makeup?

You can come to the studio in your comfies! Yoga pants, whatever. I do suggest wearing a shirt with buttons so that you can simply remove the shirt after styling without having to pull it over your head and messing that newly styled do.

Other outfit tips…

Try on your outfits well before the shoot.
This goes for new outfits and/or something you haven’t worn in a while. Unfortunately, a lot of clients spend more time in the dressing room because they haven’t tried anything on. Don’t eat up your shoot time messing with outfits.

If you are bringing a dress or anything that wrinkles…
Put it on a hanger and don’t stuff it on a bag. We don’t have ironing capabilities at the studio and “just photoshopping it” is not an option.

Regarding Jewelry…
IMHO, less and simpler is best. Just have a few signature pieces and call it good.

New garments? Cut the tags…
This goes for new shoes too (which often there are stickers on the very bottom. Please remove before your shoot).