Excuses will always be there. Opportunity won’t.

3rd Annual


Make 2024 the year to shed your insecurities and love things about yourself and your body.


24 Hour Sale


Oct. 20




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(and pamper the crap out of you!)

The day of your Boudoir Session is all about YOU. 

You don’t need to walk in the door oozing with self-confidence, we’ll provide that for you!

You’ve made a commitment to yourself, to that bad ass woman inside of you that’s been waiting to get out. Our commitment is to deliver that to you.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your body?

It happens to all of us. 

You wage a war with the mirror and don’t walk away until you’ve knocked yourself down a few pegs. 

Not here. This is where you build yourself up and learn to fall in love with all the pieces of you all over again.


michigan boudoir photographer

I’ll keep this short—it’s my 3rd annual Flash Sale and I want to shoot with you. 

If you’ve been following my work for years (but feeling like you aren’t good enough to do a shoot)…guess what? You’re not alone. I had a recent client tell me she’s been following me for 7 years. SEVEN! And what did she say at the end of her shoot?

“OMG that was SO much fun! I can’t believe I waited so long.”

If you’ve been on the fence but think you’re too awkward (or you’re worried about your body) I can walk you through it. I’ll help you choose outfits, show you how to do poses (and make sure everything looks GOOD before I even click that camera). 

Also, my stylists are there to take care of you and do your hair and makeup the way YOU want (whether it’s full on glam or a more natural look). We’re totally used to clients being nervous about their shoot and it’s not a big deal at all.

The $99 Flash Sale is one more thing to help you conquer your excuses. It’s quite the deal. But, I only do it once a year—for 24 hours. That’s it.

So…stop worrying about your butt or your belly, or whatever it is you’re hung up on. It’s MY job to deal all that stuff. Your job is to just show up. 🙂


✔ $99 Flash Sale goes LIVE October 20, 2023 @ midnite for 24 hours only
✔ The $99 Flash Sale is good towards a 2024 Boudoir Session w/ Trish Hadley
✔ Session fee includes 3 sets (rooms) to choose from, studio wardrobe + posing instruction 
✔ Flash Sale purchases not applicable for third parties as gifts


“I really had doubts about whether I would look good posing. I have never seen myself like this before. Trish takes gorgeous pictures. I never thought I looked like that. Wow. Just WOW!!!

Ms. L, 54

"I had all the normal thoughts — I should lose weight, I should work out like a fiend, I should fast... But, I didn't  lose weight, workout or fast. And I felt beautiful and badass. All because of Trish. 

Ms. S, 59

I’ve done several boudoir shoots with Trish and always feel amazing afterward because she makes it easy and comfortable. The end result is always mind blowing!

Ms. J, 41

"I'm not as comfortable with my weight as I'd like to be, but my shoot helped me see that at any size, I'm able to be confident. Trish is wonderful and has a way of reading people that makes you feel at ease.

Ms. B, 35

"I've never really LOVED my body since my c-section 4 years ago. The hardest part was getting in front of the camera. The pictures gave me back confidence in myself I didn’t even know I had! Can't wait for the next shoot."

Ms. S, 32

I was surprised how comfortable I was with Trish. She made me feel like I'd done this before. When I saw the pics I thought, ‘who the hell is that?’ Then I thought, ‘Damn! Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Ms. A, 36


Yep, we totally get it….there are TONS of boudoir studios out there now. 

Here’s some nuggets into why we’re awesome though. 🙂

• We have a private 2,000 sq. ft studio space featuring multiple rooms for variety and dedicated to JUST boudoir

• Posing instruction for ALL body types

• Studio closet with essentials like bodysuits (XS-4X) as well as other goodies like wings, robes + tulle skirts 

• 100+ 5 star reviews on Google 

The Trish Hadley Boudoir studio is located in a Victorian home in St. Louis, Michigan (middle of the mitten!). We are approx 15 min from Mt. Pleasant, 40 min from Lansing, 40 min from Saginaw and 90 min from Grand Rapids. We specialize in boudoir sessions for individuals, brides, maternity and couples.